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About Us


We are a pioneer educational institution that teaches STEM differently, more sustainable way.


Our Aims


Encourage children to explore and understand our planet Earth


Reflect on our role as humans in nature to achieve sustainability


Encourage children to learn to coexist with other species


To educate the next generation to be tech-savvy and environmentally conscious of leading a sustainable lifestyle.

The story begins with a thought

Tech Assist or Tech Replace? 

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Current STEM planting kits

Include too many automated features

More and more STEM planting kits are being invented. Still, most of them include too many automated features, e.g. intelligent growth lights and watering tools. These tools are so convenient that our kids don't have to spend extra effort taking care of the plant. Students indeed can learn a lot of technology from it but become less grateful for the existence of nature.

The situation bothers our founder, a STEM tools manufacturer also a father, to ponder:


Is it correct to teach our next generation that technology is so advanced that it can replace our role in nature?


For children to explore and learn from nature

Professional in Electronic computing, passionate about educating, keen on protecting the future for the next generation, our founder built Connect+ upon STEM kits well developed by Sensetek Solution with the support from Hong Kong Science Park.



Sensestek Solutions Limited, located in Hong Kong Science Park, specializes in smart building and logistics traceability hybrid IoT and blockchain sensing devices' customization and development among various scenarios.

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