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Learn the importance of a balanced ecosystem in aquaponics tanks and coding tools

New Item Coming soon!! Please stay tuned.


1/    Double the FUN

Want a healthy lifestyle and keep a troubleness pet at the same time? Grow fresh food to your table and keep fishies as pets with our aquaponics tank!


2/     Deep Theories, Easy to Lean:

Interesting explanation videos will be available online to grow your knowledge during lunch break. Seed germination, fish biology and Siphon theory, things are no longer BORing!


3/     Inspirational Gift

This can be more than just a fish tank and a learning project; it is a healthy lifestyle inspirer. This is definitely an inspirational gift that is perfect for all ages!

4/     Mobile Apps

Track Growth with control of the mobile apps, create unique messages and share your rearing progress with friends.

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