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CONNECT+ PLANT: Learn how to plant via STEM

 Coming soon! Please stay tuned.

Meet Connect+ Plant

A Smart Planting Kit that guides you to successfully grow tomatoes, mints and sunflowers on your first time.


Accurate Monitoring Tools

Use a Micro: bit control board for temperature monitoring; smart sensors for soil moisture and light intensity indication.


Best Family Activity

Spend regular chill evenings with your kids on recording data regularly and making more precise observations over the growth rate of plants. Something purposeful yet playful!


Fun way to Code

Customise the patterns and sound from your Micro:bit with creativity!


With Connect+ Plant,

we bring you into the wonderland of plants where plants are capable of telling you their needs to flourish.

 All you need is the courage to make the magic happen!



1/    User-friendly design

Connectors, cables and pins are labelled with colour or numeric indications such that children will not mix up the connections. 


2/    Click-to-download program

A click-to-download program via QR code is printed in the instruction booklet to visualise every data’s status you need. You just have to put lego-like parts together on the platform. 

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 5.06.10 PM-2.jpg

3/    STEM Tutorial Video

With videos, children over 8 can easily learn about photosynthesis via controlling given STEM tools to create a suitable environment for plant growth. 

file cover - 1.png

4/    Mobile App

Track Growth with control of the mobile apps, create unique messages and share your rearing progress with friends.

file cover - 1.png

Kickstarters Special Awards!

Want a more handy and green tool to keep a record of your planting log?
Connect + is happy to announce that after receiving quite a number of requests from your fellows, we have decided to release an app as a special reward to all Kickstarter’s supporters! 

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